Phillystran Temporary Suspension Ropes
Phillystran Temporary Suspension Ropes
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Phillystran Temporary Suspension Ropes
Phillystran ropes for boom safety cables

Phillystran ropes are made from Vectran® liquid crystal polymer fiber. PSV ropes are manufactured in wire rope constructions. Various jackets are available, including extruded polyurethanes and braided polyesters. Typical applications where PSV ropes should be considered are streamer cables, mooring lines, towed arrays and winch lines.

• Vectran liquid crystal polymer fiber
• Stranded wire-lay construction for maximum strength to diameter efficiency
• Double jacketed
• Primary jacket is braided polyester
• Outer polyurethane coating to resist moisture and dirt/sand migration into rope
• Color is safety orange
• Rope assemblies supplied with factory eye splices equal to the rope rated break strength
• A fraction of the weight of socketed wire rope assys
• 100ft assembly of the PSV 310 with eye splices weighs less than 110lb / 50kg
• Easy to handle, coil and store

  • Specific gravity1.4
  • UV-resistanceexcellent
  • Colourorange
  • Abrasion resistanceexcellent
  • Chemical resistanceexcellent
  • Water absorption0%
  • Melting point572 °F (330 °C)
  • Elongation1.5%
  • Construction7x19 strandard
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