Mining Ropes

Outstanding performance for mid-boom pendants, towing lines and haul truck safety tie-backs.

Mining is one of the most punishing environments on ropes and pendants. To transmit raw power into cubic yards moved, the entire rope system must be rugged and reliable. Phillystran ropes have consistently delivered outstanding performance for mid-boom pendants, towing lines and haul truck safety tiebacks.

Phillystran ARA-BOOM Aramid Fiber Mid-Boom and Main-Boom Pendants significantly increase the service life for draglines. Designed to withstand tension-tension fatigue, these fiber ropes provide 10-15 times the service life of wire rope or strand and are lighter and easier to handle during installation, as well as maintenance-free.

Phillystran ARA-BOOM mid-boom pendants are being used on draglines across the world in coal mines and phosphate mines, in Australia, China and across the United States (Texas, Florida, North Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming). Phillystran mid-boom assemblies include bend restrictors to protect the assemblies during transport, handling and installation. We are able to assist mine operators in assessing rope retirement criteria, ensuring uninterrupted service between scheduled maintenance cycles.

Super quick, super strong fiber rope connection 

X-Tremaloop connection is the first synthetic rope where the soft eye can open and close. It uses a simple knot/eye connection enabling single hand use. The speed and strength of connection is matched by improved safety and ease of handling in heavy duty mining environments. The opening and closing of connection hardware or even the hardware itself can be eliminated when using the X-Tremaloop. Typical applications include towing lines for mining trucks and equipment pulling lines.

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Why Phillystran for mining applications?

Reduction in total cost of ownership
Phillystran has a 20-year track record of supplying durable synthetic rope pendant solutions. We were the first manufacturer of synthetic boom rope pennants for use shovels and draglines. These solutions have drastically reduced maintenance in the mines and with that the total cost of ownership.
unique in the synthetic rope industry
The ability to cast most types of open and closed spelter sockets to synthetic ropes and integrate a variety of high-performance fibers into the best fit for purpose application is what makes Phillystran unique in the synthetic rope industry. On top of that, our products can be covered with an extruded polymer layer of choice to guarantee a long-lasting performance.
Broad range of fiber ropes
Phillystran can work with numerous synthetic fibers such as PBO, Aramid, HMPE fibers and Polyester. Efficient cable laid or braided constructions will ensure maximum performance.
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Phillystran X-Trema Line made from Dyneema® fibers

Phillystran X-Trema Line is widely used in both surface and deep mining operations including recovery lines, tow lines, shield hawing lines, winch lines or almost any manhandled wire rope application where reduced weight will be of benefit. It is a twelve-strand HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) rope made from Dyneema® fibers. Our X-Trema Line has an unmatched weight-to-strength ratio. Compared to a steel wire rope of the same size, it will match the breaking strength at only 15% of the weight. The high-visibility green coating is intended as a safety feature to maintain line visibility even after heavy use.

For mining trucks, the Phillystran TufTow towing lines offer the strength and low stretch of steel wire rope at a fraction of the weight, making them an ideal replacement for steel wire rope or chain. TufStrop Haul Truck safety tie-backs are a critical safety tool during any haul truck maintenance operation. Manufactured to order, the TufStrop are supplied to a specific eye-to-eye length and safe working load (SWL) requirements.

Phillystran carries extensive inventory, allowing rapid delivery of replacement ropes. Moreover, our extensive development and manufacturing facilities allow Phillystran to confidently offer new products such as dragline main pendants.

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