Innovative fiber rope solutions

The Phillystran Special Projects team combines in-depth knowledge of high performance, engineering synthetic fibers and almost 50 years design and manufacturing capability to produce innovative solutions that deliver better performance for longer.

Faced with what seems like an intractable problem? Unlike traditional engineering materials, the properties of synthetic fibers are infinitely adaptable. Utilising different constructions, coatings and jacketing processes creates synthetic fiber ropes and cables that are at home in the high temperatures encountered in glass manufacture or supporting 1000ft antennae in the scorching Arabian desert, as well as the variation of sub-zero winter wind chill and hot summer sun experienced by Phillystran cable stays atop 1WTC.

Examples of Special Projects:

  • Water Sports - A launching rope integrated into a system to create waves in an onshore water sports pool.
  • Glass Processing - Hardened glass plates come straight out of the oven at 485 °C / 900 °F and rests on our specially engineered synthetic braids conveying the cooling glass safely to a cooling chamber.
  • Zip Lines - Synthetic ropes for Zip lines using Phillystran polymer covered lines with aramid cores.
  • Emergency Stop - Synthetic Emergency Stop / Shut down lines to put conveyors into emergency stop.
  • Offshore Salvage - Custom engineered salvage ropes.
  • Aerial / Flying Crane - High performance fiber slings for lifting by helicopters.

    Why Phillystran for special projects?

    In-depth knowledge
    In-depth knowledge of high tenacity fiber ropes, strands, braids and strength members, including Kevlar®, Twaron®, Technora®, Vectran®, Spectra®, Dyneema® and Zylon®, to develop products that maximize the unique properties of these high tenacity fibers.
    outstanding abrasion resistance
    Phillystran proprietary four strand, wire lay rope and cable construction around an independent synthetic core, where each strand is individually overbraided, offers outstanding levels of abrasion resistance and service life.
    custom manufacturing
    Specialist manufacturing plant allows Phillystran to produce custom ropes and cables in both small batches and large-scale continuous production. We also manufacture polyester and nylon ropes for specialized applications. Over 50% of the products supplied by Phillystran are custom manufactured to exacting project requirements.
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    Special Projects Partner

    Phillystran offers project and structural engineers a fresh perspective on overcoming technical and engineering challenges. Our team can assist you in realising your vision and performance goals, as well as creating a competitive edge. Phillystran can assist in the development of longer lasting custom designed products that can be a clear market differentiator.

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