Phillystran synthetic fiber cables provide innovative solutions to many structural projects where steel cables have been used traditionally.

Using synthetic fiber cables answers many questions for the structural engineer and architect such as:

What are the advantages of synthetic fiber ropes in bridges, buildings and other structures?

  • Weight saving - fiber cables are as strong as steel but only weigh a fraction of steel, allowing design and strength optimization of the whole structure for the lighter pennants.
  • Safer installation – lighter and easier to handle than steel they offer significant safety advantages.
  • Quicker installation. Because of the weight reduction, at 1/7th of the weight of steel cable, synthetic fiber cable installation becomes a lot easier and requires less heavy equipment to execute.
  • Be creative - Phillystran cables can be produced at any length and ask our sales team about colour variations.

How can I reduce the weight of my tensile structure design?

  • Synthetic fibre cables are as strong as steel cable guys but a good deal lighter and therefore easier to install.

Can I replace steel wire support cables with synthetics?

  • Yes, of course. Synthetic cables are as stiff and strong as steel wire but a fraction of the weight of steel. Moreover, synthetic cables are ideal where higher creep and fatigue resistance are needed (Aramid vs steel is 70% vs 55% in a TCLL test). If steel wire maintenance is excessive perhaps due to corrosion, then contact us. Phillystran cables can be produced at any length and ask our sales team about colour variations.

Can I apply the same types of sockets to synthetic pennants as I attach to steel?

  • Yes, Phillystran offers durable and specialized end terminations for cables up to 2million lbs break strength, overcoming the limitations of steel connections to ensure a fully optimal design without compromise.

Can I reduce radio signal / Wi-Fi interference by using synthetic fiber cables?

  • Yes, unlike steel, Phillystran synthetic fiber cable stays do not interfere with radio signals and WiFi. Moreover, synthetic fiber supporting cables do not create a Faraday cage and maximum signal reach is achieved. This makes the cables very suitable for areas where WiFi signals need to flow freely.

How can I permanently resolve the corrosion problem on my steel guy and stay ropes?

  • Switching from steel cable to synthetic fiber cable for corrosion free cable support, even in coastal areas. Phillystran high performance cables do not suffer from corrosion and typically last 25-30 years.

Where can I buy stay / guy ropes or rope pendants?

  • Contact Phillystran and discover how synthetic fiber cable allows you be even more creative. Phillystran cables can be produced at any length and ask our sales team about colour variations.
    Project Experience

    Since the 1970’s Phillystran product have been supplied to the global broadcasting industry. Our synthetic guy ropes lines are known to have been in use on antennae for over 40 years.  Phillystran is a proud member of the National Organization of Tower Engineers (NATE).

    Phillystran high strength synthetic guy ropes or antenna support ropes have been used globally in some of the harshest environments from the deserts of Oman to the tundra regions of Greenland. Here in the United States, one of the most iconic synthetic stay cable projects conducted by Phillystran is the One World Trade Center, New York City and the famous Sutro tower in San Francisco. Phillystran synthetic fiber cables also look good to and have been as the structural facier on the Delancey Garage in New York City.

    High performance, synthetic fibers enable the creation of some of the most exciting and sustainable structures we see in our cities today.

    Why Phillystran for Structures?

    over 50 years’ experience
    Phillystran has over 50 years’ experience of working with high tenacity fiber to produce high-performance cable stays for a wide range of structural projects.
    high Elasticity modulus
    Synthetic stay cables made by Phillystran have a high Elasticity modulus. The cable laid type construction adds even more stiffness to the support pendants, keeping structures steady and upright.
    high creep resistance and zero corrosion
    High creep resistance and zero corrosion, at 1/6th of the weight of steel, make Phillystran synthetic lines a great solution to realising your architectural projects.
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