fiber ropes in architecture

Phillystran fiber cables breathe new life into your ideas. Consider the possibilities. A light, super strong cable with custom terminations to fit any structure. As these synthetic lines have a high creep resistance and have zero corrosion, at 1/6th of the weight of steel, they are a great solution to overcoming architectural challenges.

What are the advantages of synthetic fiber ropes in architecture?

  • Weight saving - fiber cables are as strong as steel but only weigh a fraction of steel, allowing design and strength optimization of the whole structure for the lighter pennants.
  • Safer installation – lighter and easier to handle than steel they offer significant safety advantages.
  • Quicker installation. Because of the weight reduction, at 1/7th of the weight of steel cable, synthetic fiber cable installation becomes a lot easier and requires less heavy equipment to execute.
  • Be creative - Phillystran cables can be produced at any length and ask our sales team about colour variations.

Can I apply the same types of sockets to synthetic pennants as I attach to steel?

  • Yes, Phillystran offers durable and specialized end terminations for cables up to 2million lbs break strength, overcoming the limitations of steel connections to ensure a fully optimal design without compromise.

Typical projects where Phillystran fiber cables can be successfully deployed:

- Tensile roof structures such as stadiums and arenas

- Inflatable Buildings including air dome sports areas for tennis and soccer

- Permanent structures, for example the antennae on top of 1WTC, New York, are supported using Phillystran cable stays.

- Ferris wheels

    Why Phillystran for architecture

    Phillystran fiber cables offer break strengths up to 1.7 million lbs.
    Custom terminations allow integration of fiber cables with a structural framework.
    Engineered bespoke cables to meet environmental requirements.
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