High Performance Tower Guys

Since the 1970’s Phillystran products have been supplied to the global broadcasting industry. Our synthetic guy ropes lines are known to have been in use on antennae for over 40 years. Phillystran is a proud member of the National Organization of Tower Engineers (NATE).

Phillystran High Performance Tower Guys (HPTG-I) are made from stranded aramid fibers with up to 1.7 million pounds breaking strength. HPTG-I aramid fiber guying systems are the result of many years of experience with AM, FM, TV and communications towers up to 2,000 feet high, operating at powers as high as 2 megawatts. HPTG-I is in use in every climate from the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the tundra regions of Greenland. Phillystran HPTG-I guy assemblies are installed atop One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) to support the 400 ft mast. The structure is the tallest in the Western Hemisphere and is home to a wide variety of broadcast and communications antennas serving the great New York City area. In San Francisco, the famous Sutro tower relies on Phillystran HPTG-I tower guys to support the three stacks atop the tower with the many TV and radio antennas. The Sutro Tower is a 977 ft three-legged tower located 834ft above sea level.


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Why Phillystran for broadcasting?

no interference with radio signals
Phillystran synthetic guy ropes or antenna support ropes do not interfere with the radio signals. As such the synthetic fiber supporting cables do not create a Faraday cage and maximum reach is achieved. This makes the cables very suitable for areas where WiFi signals need to flow freely.
high Elasticity modulus
Synthetic stay cables made by Phillystran have a high Elasticity modulus. The cable laid type construction adds even more stiffness to the support pendants, keeping structures steady and upright. In addition, they are corrosion free and easy to handle.
over 50 years’ experience
Over 50 years’ experience working with a wide range of high tenacity, high strength fibers in the structural market.
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HTPG-I aramid fiber guying systems eliminate problems associated with EHS(2) and BS(2) steel guy cables such as:

  • ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
  • Signal Suppression
  • Array Directional Irregularities
  • Zapping and White-Noise Arcing (associated with ceramic insulators)
  • Custom termination for cables up to 2million lbs
  • Corrosion-free guy ropes
  • Easy to install due to reduced weight / ease of handling.
  • Long lasting with some installations still in service after 40 years.