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Mid-boom pendants made of aramid fiber

In order to transmit raw power into cubic yards moved, your entire rope system must be rugged, reliable and designed to fit your job. Phillystran ARA-BOOM aramid fiber mid-boom pendants have demonstrated 10 to 15 times the life expectancy of wire rope or strand used as mid-boom pendants on Bucyrus/Marion style draglines due to their improved resistance to tension-tension fatigue.

When shipped, Phillystran mid-boom assemblies include bend restrictors to protect the assemblies during installation. If you need to store the assemblies, they require no special care and will not deteriorate, but we recommend that they be protected from the weather and rodents.

At Phillystran, our quality processes ensure the highest quality product by controlling the product design, inspecting all raw materials, monitoring key elements of the manufacturing process, and conducting final product testing and inspection.

Phillystran ARA-BOOM mid-boom pendants are being used on draglines across the world:

• In coal mines and phosphate mines
• In Australia, China and across the United States (Texas, Florida, North Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming)

Phillystran’s mid-boom pendants for draglines are parallel aramid fiber ropes with a heavy braided polyester jacket covered with a thick urethane outer coating. Our ARA-BOOM products have demonstrated a life expectancy of 10 to 15 times that of wire rope.

• Modulus of elasticity: 10x106 (69 GPa)psi at 10th cycle(1)
• Termination strength: 80% of rope rated breaking force
• Rope creep rate: 0.16%(2) stretch under constant load

(1) Cycles are 10-40% RBS.
(2) Creep rate based on 5-year continuous load @ 10% RBS. Example: creep rate for 80 ft. (24.4 m) assembly for 5 years@10%=1.54” (39 mm).

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