Strength Members

Phillystran strength members play a vital role in a myriad of applications such as: seismic cable reinforcement for towed arrays, strength cores for fiberoptic cables, strength members for umbilical cables, the contours of inflatable airplane evacuation slides, airplane control cables and hundreds of other applications.

A large portion of the Phillystran products end up as integrated strength members in OEM products. Our high modulus and high tenacity synthetic strength members provide the strength and resilience needed in mission critical applications.

Strength members are the workhorse for many applications. Phillystran’s range of high synthetic fibers and unmatched knowledge of the engineering and processing of these materials is the guarantee of performance and reliability.   

Why Phillystran for strength members?

large variety of fibers
The large variety of fibers to choose from makes Phillystran unique. Whether we tap into PBO, Aramid, UHMWPE, or LCP fiber we will engineer the optimum techno-commercial solution together with our client.
extruded polymer jacket
Our ability to add an extruded polymer jacket around the strength members up to a 3” / 72mm diameter makes processing and integration of our product into OEM cables efficient.
Multitude of constructions
Multitude of constructions from parallel, 12 strand, wire lay and single member twist with all high tenacity fibers. As well as multifilament bunch twisting capabilities and custom termination and testing.
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