X-trema line
X-trema line
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X-trema line X-trema line X-trema line X-trema line
12 strand high modulus polyethylene rope

X-Trema Line is a twelve-strand HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) rope made from Dyneema® fibers. Our X-Trema Line has an unmatched weight-to-strength ratio. Compared to a steel wire rope of the same size, it will match the breaking strength at only 15% of the weight.

The high-visibility orange coating is intended as a safety feature to maintain line visibility even after heavy use. With a specific gravity of 0.98 it is the lightest/ strongest rope available and even floats on water. It also features excellent resistance to abrasion, UV, salt water, bending and tension fatigue.

X-Trema Line is widely used in both surface and deep mining operations including recovery lines, tow lines, shield hawing lines, winch lines or almost any man-handled wire rope application where reduced weight will be of benefit. X-Trema line is also ideal in logging applications such as logging truck tie downs and hauling line utilized with drones.

Other general purpose industry benefits:

• Non-conductive
• Minimal moisture absorption
• Resistant to fuels and cleaning solutions
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Excellent UV resistance
• No broken wire hazards
• Easy single operator installation
• No kink damage design
• Safety orange for high visibility
• Easy visual inspection criteria…no internal hidden wear or corrosion
• Same strength whether wet or dry
• Minimal moisture absorption…will not freeze-up in cold wet weather
• Excellent chemical resistance

Download the X-TREMA LINE datasheet

  • Specific gravity0.98
  • TCLL value100%
  • UV-resistanceexcellent
  • Colourorange
  • Abrasion resistanceexcellent
  • Chemical resistanceexcellent
  • Water absorption0%
  • Melting point293 °F (145 °C)
  • Elongation1%
  • Construction12 strand
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