Phillystran fiber cables for infrastructure projects

High performance fiber cables, ropes and slings are an attractive alternative to steel cable in many infrastructure projects whether it’s bridge building, construction, heavy lifting and transportation are just some of the application of Phillystran fiber cable.

Fiber cables are often overlooked by engineers, yet they offer amazing possibilities for projects where weight, strength and the ability to resist corrosion are key requirements. Exploring the possibilities is only a phone call away. Phillystran engineers can draw on nearly 50 years’ experience of developing solutions that not only met client expectations but exceeded them.

Typical infrastructure projects using Phillystran fiber cables include:

  • Bridges – pedestrian and motor vehicle barrier support,
  • Tram / Trolley bus transportation systems – power line cable supports, using Phillystran fiber cable eliminates the need for steel supports, reduces the insulation requirements and makes maintenance easier and safer.
  • Construction – Phillystran heavy lift fiber slings are as strong, if not stronger that steel wire rope. They are lighter than steel wire, enabling the full realisation of crane lifting capabilities. In addition, fiber slings are easier and safer to handle compared with stell wire rope.

    Why Phillystran for infrastructure?

    attractive alternative to steel cable
    The mechanical performance of many high performance fiber cables developed by Phillystran exceeds that of steel.
    fiber cable engineering
    Phillystran’s fiber cable engineering know-how allows new approaches to infrastructure projects that are longer lasting and more cost-effective.
    custom cables
    Specialist manufacturing plant allows Phillystran to produce custom cables in both small batches and large-scale continuous production.
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