Phillystran Polyester Ropes
Phillystran Polyester Ropes
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Phillystran Polyester Ropes
high tenacity polyester fiber

Phillystran is pleased to offer ropes manufactured from large filament, high tenacity polyester fiber. Carefully selected special yarn finishes, combined with top grade polyester fiber and built in a unique 7 strand wirelay construction result in a polyester rope with superior properties when compared to conventional polyester ropes.

These ropes have proven to exceed the fatigue life of rope, while demonstrating to be more durable than nylon or aramid fiber products. The ropes’ 7 strand core is protected by an overbraid of the same high performance fiber.

High tenacity polyester fiber provides excellent dimensional stability in the manufacture of ropes for marine, military, and industrial applications. Phillystran polyester ropes are intended for applications where moderate elasticity may be useful, but superior strength and durability are essential.

  • Specific gravity1.38
  • UV-resistanceexcellent
  • Colourwhite
  • Abrasion resistancegood
  • Marker Yarnorange
  • Chemical resistanceexcellent
  • Elongation8.6%
  • Construction7x19, 7x36
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