Double braided polyester
Double braided polyester
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Double braided polyester

DOUBLE BRAIDED POLYESTER ropes are used for towing springs, buoy moorings, capstan hauling, ROV and submersible lift ropes, supply boat mooring and tank mooring. The usage of high tenacity multifilament polyester yarns in our ropes ensures outstanding wet and dry strength and durability against abrasion and fatigue. Polyester ropes do not absorb water, so they neither harden nor lose strength when wet. These ropes are very easy to splice and have an excellent ultraviolet resistance due to a special treatment of the polyester yarns. The ropes remain fl exible and do not become brittle at temperatures of – 40 °F (-40°C).

  • Specific gravity1.38
  • UV-resistanceexcellent
  • Colourwhite
  • Abrasion resistanceexcellent
  • Marker Yarnblue
  • Chemical resistancegood
  • Melting point509 °F (265 °C)
  • Constructiondouble braided
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