South Korea: synthetic cable guys antenna supports


Leading international broadcast antenna system manufacturer, Kintronic Labs Inc, has used completed Phillystran cable guys to complete the installation of AM radio towers in South Korea. The Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) towers increase the range of medium wave broadcasting in the region.

Phillystran cable guys are an obvious choice for this kind of project where the salty sea winds would rapidly corrode steel cable guys,” says Tom King, President and CEO, Kintronic Labs Inc. “Typically we’d expect a 25 year service life for the guys thanks to their thick polyurethane extruded jacket, providing maximum UV resistance, excellent weathering and dielectric properties.

Designed and manufactured at Phillystran’s factory in Philadelphia, the HPTG-I guy lines are made from stranded aramid fibers with an extruded urethane jacket. The guy lines were supplied as a complete guying system, including corona sockets, together with vibration dampers which reduce aeolian (high frequency) or galloping (low frequency) vibration.




  • HPTG 20800I Guy Line 20,800 lb Rated Break Strength
  • HPTG 15400I Guy Line 15,400 lb Rated Break Strength
  • 4 cable guy levels per 210ft, 250W AM tower
  • Withstands wind speed of 220 km/hr
  • Resistant to salty sea winds
  • Vibration dampeners and steel pigtails terminate and tension the lines.

download Phillystran's leaflet 'Synthetic Cable Guys Antenna Supports for South Korean AM Radio Towers'

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