1WTC: synthetic antenna support cables


The iconic 1WTC in New York City features Phillystran high performance cable guys. They support the 400ft antennae on the top of the building, taking the building to a height of 1,776ft and making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

One of the most challenging, and high-profile projects ever undertaken by Phillystran, the 1WTC is supported by non-metallic, GladiatorTM Cable. The key technical challenges included the requirement for 8 non- corrosive guy lines just 6” diameter and with 1.7 million pounds break strength.

Designed and manufactured at Phillystran’s factory in Philadelphia, the GladiatorTM Cable guy lines are made from stranded aramid fibers with an extruded urethane jacket. The guy lines were supplied as a complete guying system, including corona sockets, together with vibration dampers which reduce aeolian (high frequency) or galloping (low frequency) vibration.



  • 1,762,500 lb Rated Break Strength (7,840kN)
  • 8 cable guys: 4 at 90ft (27.4m) and 4 at 88ft (26.8m)
  • Largest diameter Phillystran GladiatorTM Cable to date
  • 5-7/8in (149mm) diameter; approx 12 lbs per ft (18kg/m)
  • Top end Open Corona sockets weigh 1,400 lbs (635kg)
  • Bottom Closed sockets weigh 1,200 lbs each (544kg)
  • Inline/live tension monitoring system
  • Withstands wind speed of 220 km/hr
  • Resistant to salty sea winds
  • Vibration dampeners and steel pigtails terminate and tension the lines.

download Phillystran's leaflet 'Cable Guys for 1WTC'  

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