Speedier Transmission Cable Installation with Phillystran Pulling Lines

Leading high performance, fiber rope maker, Phillystran, announces the Ultra 12 Dyneema and Dura 12 polyester pulling lines for stringing line equipment during transmission cable installation. Easier to splice and stronger than other pulling lines, the 12 strand ropes are available in various colors allowing for safer deployment and installation.

Rope strength and reliability are critical during the installation of transmission lines. The Ultra 12 rope provides size-for-size the maximum strength-to-weight ratio, with a break strength at 1 inch diameter of 100,000 pounds. For projects requiring lower pulling strengths, Phillystran offers the Dura 12 polyester pulling rope; at 1 inch diameter it has a real break strength of 38,500 pounds.

The torque free Ultra 12 and Dura 12 ropes provide outstanding flexural fatigue and bend-over-sheave performance. Both pulling lines are available with and without an eye termination. For termination on-site, Phillystran offers the QuickEye and QuickSplice, providing fast end terminations and mid-rope repairs and avoiding the need for time-consuming and complicated splices and terminations.

Phillystran ropes are characterized by their ease of handling and inspection. The Ultra 12 and Dura 12 pulling line ropes are available in various colors including standard cyan and orange, yellow, blue, and green, allowing ropes to be easily identified during transmission installation. The use of rope color is a safety feature to ensure line visibility, even after heavy use. Typically, Phillystran pulling lines are available in continuous lengths up to 30,000 ft.

The Ultra 12 line pulling transmission cable gives installers a quicker way of installing cable by providing a string and reliable pulling line in long continuous lengths. Where a splice is needed in the field it can be completed in just 15 minutes, allowing cable installation to resume,” says Greg Savage, sales manager, Phillystran.

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