Power Transmission Infrastructure, Puerto Rico


Phillystran Ultra 12 Dyneema pulling lines have been used to install critical power transmission infrastructure on Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. The lines were ideally suited to installing new power lines in often inhospitable and humid conditions.

Time was of the essence. Four reels carrying 22,000 ft of Ultra 12 were needed. Phillystran manufactured the pulling lines within four weeks, and they were on-site within 5 weeks of the contract being placed. The pulling line ropes were manufactured in red, yellow, blue, green; an important safety benefit of using Phillystran pulling lines as it ensures line visibility, even after heavy use.

Installation of 22,000 ft transmission cable was completed in less than 24 hours using the Phillystran Ultra 12 pulling lines. Supplied with eye terminations at each end, Ultra 12 is far easier to splice than many other pulling lines. For termination on-site, the pulling line can be easily spliced in the field by performing a quick brummel splice, avoiding the need for time- consuming and complicated splices and terminations found with other pulling lines.




  • Small diameter, high strength
  • Ultra 12 rope with 100,000 pounds breaking force
  • Torque free rope construction
  • Outstanding flexural fatigue and bend- over-sheave performance
  • Available in red, yellow, blue, green

Download Phillystran's leaflet 'Pulling Lines for Power Transmission Infrastructure'

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