Phillystran TufStrop Safety Tie-Back for Haul Truck Maintenance

High performance fiber rope manufacturer, Phillystran, announces the TufStrop lightweight haul truck safety tieback. A critical safety tool during any haul truck maintenance operation, the high visibility orange TufStrop rope supports the haul truck dump body, preventing it from accidentally closing during maintenance.

From the outset, Tufstrop has been designed for the rigours of the mining industry. Made from high molecular weight polyethylene (HMPE) fiber, it comprises a single length of rope in an endless loop tuck splice sling configuration that is connected between the raised haul truck bed and rear axle. For a tough, durable and long-lasting service life, the TufStrop safety cable includes an outer protective coating and sleeving for the HMPE fiber providing increased UV and abrasion resistance.

Light and Strong

The TufStrop is a fifth of the weight of traditional socketed steel rope assemblies and can be easily fitted by one person. Moreover, the Tufstrop is safer to handle with no broken wire hazards compared to steel rope. In addition to excellent chemical resistance including fuels and cleaning solutions, the safety tieback exhibits minimal moisture absorption and retains its strength whether wet or dry.

When you consider that a haul truck can cost around $6 million, mining organizations need to maximize their availability. Tufstrop plays an important role in ensuring maintenance is conducted as safely as possible,” says Ken Knight, industrial sales manager, Phillystran.

TufStrops are manufactured to order with eye-to-eye length and safe working load (SWL) to meet the specific requirements of the type of haul truck. 

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