Phillystran HPTG cable for Toronto Transit streetcar network

Lightweight and corrosion free, Phillystran HPTG 11200I aramid fiber cable eliminates the need for steel pennants to support overhead power lines. As well as avoiding the need for steel supports, and associated conventional insulators, the synthetic fiber supports make maintenance easier and safer.

Safety is an important factor in the application of Phillystran HPTG 11200I structural cable to support power lines. The Toronto streetcar network is the third busiest light-rail system in North America. The latest model of streetcar is the Flexity Outlook - the first modern low-floor and wheelchair-accessible streetcar used in the city.


  • HPTG 11200I cable 11200 lb Rated Break Strength
  • 100 x 300m lengths of HPTG-I 11200

Download Phillystran's leaflet Phillystran HPTG cable for Toronto Transit streetcar network

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