Phillystran Guys for ‘Voice of Vietnam’ Radio Antennae


Phillystran has supplied leading international broadcast antenna system manufacturer, Kintronic Labs Inc, with cable guys for two broadcast antennae in Vietnam. The ‘Voice of Vietnam’ AM radio towers, up to 310 ft (94m) high, will be supported by multiple Phillystran High Performance Tower Guys (HPTG-I).

Constructed in Ninh Thuan province, each of the two 400 KW directional MW radio towers are supported by 15 cable guys including corona sockets and spiral vibration dampers. The Phillystran HPTG-I guy lines are protected by a thick polyurethane extruded jacket with carbon black pigmentation, providing maximum UV resistance. Typically, Phillystran HPTG-I lines have a life expectancy of over 25 years.  

Phillystran cable guys are our ‘go-to’ choice for antennae towers where environmental factors rule out traditional steel guy lines. In this case, the radio towers are located close to the coast where corrosion is an issue for steel lines.  Phillystran HPTG-I will provide a longer lasting, lower maintenance guying solution,” says Tom King, President and CEO, Kintronic Labs Inc.




  • HPTG 20800I Guy Line 20,800 lb Rated Break Strength
  • HPTG 15400I Guy Line 15,400 lb Rated Break Strength
  • 30 cable guys for 400W MW towers up to 310ft
  • Excellent weathering and dielectric properties
  • Resistant to salty sea winds
  • Spiral vibration dampeners and corona sockets on each line.

Download Phillystran's leaflet on the cable guys supplied to Kintronic Labs Inc, Vietnam

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