Phillystran announces mining conveyor synthetic emergency stop pulling cord

High performance fiber rope manufacturer, Phillystran, announces an emergency stop pull cord for mining conveyors. Made from synthetic fiber, the pull cords are corrosion resistant and offer a safer, and more practical, alternative to steel wire emergency stop cords.

The mining industry relies heavily on conveyor belts to transport many tons of materials over very long distances. Although sensor and communications technologies are often used to monitor conveyor performance, in the event of emergency a mechanical stop pull cord running alongside the conveyor ensures a quick response by simply pulling it.

With access to the industry’s widest range of high performance yarns, Phillystran emergency stop pull cord is manufactured to meet the conveyor’s operating conditions from sub-zero Canadian mines to the baking heat of the Arabian desert. Since there is no corrosion and hardly any creep, there is rarely any reason for replacement of the pull cord during the entire conveyors’ service life.

The small diameter Phillystran fiber cable is designed to withstand breaking under tension for many years and manufactured in continuous lengths to meet the cable run length required. As the emergency cord is under continuous tension, the right fiber selection is critical. In addition, it allows the inclusion of custom terminations for interfacing with existing equipment at the mine, as well as, integrating with the OEM conveyor designs.

Phillystran’s synthetic rope solutions have been successfully displacing steel wire emergency stop cords with synthetic rope solutions on long conveyors for some time,” says Greg Savage, Market Manager Utility, Mining & Structures, Phillystran. “By selecting the right fibers to provide a sustainable tension no matter what the environmental conditions, we are able to effectively eliminate the need for emergency stop pull cord maintenance, especially in remote areas.”

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