First salt mine synthetic messenger line

The first non-metallic messenger line to support a mine power feeder cable has been installed by bore hole cable installation specialist, WLI Inc, at a leading mid-west salt mining company. The 1,100 ft Phillystran aramid cable replaced a corroded stainless steel messenger line and grips.

Corrosion is a significant operational issue, even for stainless steel, in salt mines. Failure of the messenger line, and associated electric power cable, can disrupt mining operations while the power cable is replaced. In a concept first developed by WLI Inc. and Phillystran, a Phillystran HPTG 85000I aramid cable has been used to support the mine power feeder cable suspended down the ore/skip shaft.

Electric power is at the heart of all mining operations, losing it disrupts production and is costly too. Any mine experiencing corrosion problems should certainly take a close look at our implementation of non-metallic Phillystran messenger lines. As well as avoiding unscheduled downtime, it can reduce the cost of maintaining messenger lines and increase service life,” said Johnny Joe Mentus, CEO, WLI Inc.


  • Power cable, approx. 3 inch diameter and weighing 7.5 lb/ft
  • 1,100 ft Phillystran HPTG 85000I messenger line
  • PSG75 PhillyGrip aramid fiber non-metallic grips at 50ft intervals

Download Phillystran's leaflet on Salt Mining

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