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Pulling lines from Phillystran are designed for the most demanding stringing and pulling applications, with the toughest protective resin coatings in the industry. They are made from high-strength, fatigue resistant advanced fibers which are lighter and easier to handle than steel.

• Standard color is cyan
• Available in various pulling line colors including orange, yellow, blue, green
• 12 strand torque free construction
• Size-for-size is the maximum strength-to-weight ratio
• Superior flexural fatigue and bend-over-sheave performance
• Easy to inspect
• Easy to splice (refer to Phillystran Splice Manual for details)
• Extremely low stretch
• Extremely high strength
• Excellent replacement for wire rope pulling lines
• Approx 1/5th the weight of wire rope of the same rated break strength
• Minimum rated break strength (RBS) based upon spliced test samples. RBS is not based upon “factoring” or yarn strength calculations

  • Specific gravity0.98
  • UV-resistanceexcellent
  • Colourcyan
  • Abrasion resistanceexcellent
  • Chemical resistancegood
  • Water absorption0%
  • Melting point147 °C
  • Elongation1.3% for new rope tensioned to 20% RBS
  • Construction12 strand torque neutral
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