X-trema Guard
X-trema Guard
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X-trema GuardX-trema GuardX-trema Guard
Fiber Rope Protection sleeve

X-TREMA GUARD® has been designed to protect ropes from external impact. This impact can be rubbing on edges, fairleads bollards, rope on rope, and other unforeseen influences that would otherwise be detrimental to your rope’s life. Applying this protection will ensure maximization of your lines’ lifetime.

The diameter ranges have been defined to make the sleeve fit nicely around rope products. Not too wide yet not too small either to ensure smooth application where needed.

The material used for these tubular protection sleeves is either high tenacity Polyester or UHMWPE fiber. UHMWPE fibers are known to be among the highest abrasion resistance synthetics available in today’s market. Depending on the harshness of the conditions the rope is subjected to, the choice can be made.

Download XTREMA GUARD datasheet.

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