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light weight haul truck safety tie-backs

Haul truck safety tie-backs are a critical safety tool during any haul truck maintenance operation. Phillystran TUFSTROPS are designed from high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (HMPE) for maximum strength at minimum weight. 

Characteristics are:
• non-conductive
• minimal moisture absorption
• resistant to fuels and cleaning solutions
• excellent abrasion resistance
• excellent UV resistance

TUFSTROPS are manufactured to order. Specify eye-to-eye length and safe working load (SWL) requirements.

• torque balanced construction
• reduced weight = safer to handle and install
• no broken wire hazards
• easy single operator installation
• no kink damage design
• safety orange for high visibility
• easy visual inspection criteria (no internal hidden wear or corrosion)
• same strength whether wet or dry
• minimal moisture absorption (it will not freeze-up in cold wet weather)
• excellent chemical resistance

TUFSTROP outer protective coatings and sleeving enhances the properties of the HMPE fiber with increased UV and abrasion resistance making for a tough, durable, long lasting safety cable.

This advanced fiber offers unique advantages over steel rope assemblies:
• 1/5th the weight of socketed steel rope assemblies
• extremely low elongation (comparable to steel wire rope)